1. How to Block a person on TuDime?

On a chatting page , you will find an icon(three vertical dotted icon) click on that, there is a option to block the person. When clicked on that you will be able to not to get any message from that person. And the list of block person, you can see on Settings -> Accounts -> Privacy -> Block users.

2. Why getting spam profiles on TuDime?

Some profiles were created on the app in inception which are circulating and TuDime team is looking after those profiles, they will be removed soon.

3. I did not get my Access Code. What can I do?

There must be a slow internet connection or unavailability of internet.
Otherwise you can click on “send code again”. TuDime will send you the access code again.

4. Can I have same TuDime account on two different devices?


5. Can I send text messages with TuDime?

Yes. TuDime is a chatting application. You can obviously send the text message to anyone of your friend if he/she is also a user of TuDime.

6. Are the calls on TuDime really free?

Yes. App to App Audio and video calls are free but app to phone call (non TuDime users) is paid.

7. Why do my TuDime Stickers unable to download?

It is available only after you have purchased that. Please look for the payment options to pay and download the awesome stickers!

8. Maximum size of attach Files with TuDime?

Maximum Size will be 10 mb. If a user tries to send file(s) more than 10 mb then the user will not be able to send those files through TuDime.

For sharing files more than 10 mb, one can buy a big file sharing plan which will enable user to share files up to 50 mb at once. This will cost just 1$(USD) for maximum of 3 files sharing above 10 mb and below 51 mb.

9. Delete Sent Messages with TuDime?

Yes. Messages can be deleted with TuDime. It’s up to the user to decide how whether or not to delete messages means delete messages from user’s own side or from recipient side also.

10. Edit Sent Messages with TuDime?

Yes. Messages can be edited. Do long click on the message which you want to edit and choose edit option from there. Then you can easily you’re your message.

11. What if I’m getting an invalid code error?

If you are getting the invalid code error then just restart the app and try to use it as it may have a bad start up due to device operating system (OS).

12. TuDime Out Call Rates?

To check the TuDime Out Call rates, please
click here to download TuDime call rates as an Excel spreadsheet.

13. Will TuDimework on port 80 ?

No, It will not work on that port.

14. Is there a Desktop version of TuDime?

No, not now. It will be available soon in a later release.

15. Why TuDime fails to recognize my contacts as TuDime users?

Some device contact list is not accessible by a third party app. Please go to phone settings and allow contacts sharing for application TuDime.

16. I did not get my Access Code. What can I do?

Close the application and try to login again to send a new access code. Or you can click on “send code again”. TuDime will send the access code again to your mobile number. Its might be possible due to unavailability of interne
t or slow speed of your internet connection.

17. What devices are not supported?

The device which has small android version below Kitkat, TuDime will not support to those devices properly. KitKat and above will be able to install and run the app properly. TuDime at this time also does not support BlackBerry devices.

18. What is TuDime?

Official description would be that TuDime is a free services provider for doing text messages, sending pictures, videos, files, share locations/contact info/doodle etc, app to app audio / video calling, app to phone/landline calling using TuDime credit call feature which is the best and most feature of the app providing cheapest call rates across the glob. Also TuDime has some awesome features like Encounters – which an advanced version of a dating requirements, eCards – which facilitates sending expression to someone special to make them feel special by greeting with awesome eGreeting cards and many more…

19. How can I delete my TuDime account?

In Settings you will find a Disable Account option. Just click on that, your account will be deleted. Then you cannot reopen your account with the same mobile number. To use TuDime you have to enable your account first or have to login with some different number to create your different account.

20. What is Encounters in TuDime?

Encounters in TuDime app is an awesome dating feature which provide an individual to look for specified match specifying age, gender, location and other important specifications.Encounters feature allow individuals to share gifts cards, chat messages and show interest in some ones profiles. It is a secured way of impressing interest in someone’s profile and all the data/chat/gifts are secured and kept at high level of privacy.
It is an optional feature and one can opt it at the time of running app for first time after installing it.This is only for the age group above 13 years.

21. What is eCards in TuDime?

TuDime facilitates personalising and sharing awesome greeting cards from your phone to your near and dear ones via app users, email, Facebook, Twitter etc…You will find a perfect card for a particular moment from TuDime eCrads section at your fingertips—cards that will work for every who, what, where, and when in your crazy life. You can always customize cards like you can do in real greeting cards: Adding own note/photo, and you can even add your own signature!

22. Does TuDime decrease battery life?

TuDime is a lightweight application and it usually does not drain a lot of battery. It does not decrease battery life. However, keep in mind that the battery life also depends on the features of your particular device.

23. Can I use TuDime on an iPad or an iPod Touch?

This feature is coming soon…

24. Why can’t I use TuDime on some Wi-Fi networks?

You can use TuDime on all Wifi networks but it should have a good speed. On very low speed it will not work properly. To use TuDime you need high speed internet.

25. Does TuDime include advertisements?

NO, it does not.

26. Can I install TuDime on my BlackBerry?

No. TuDime does not support BlackBerry devices .

27. Can I send text messages with TuDime?

Yes. You can. Please refer FAQ #5.

28. Is TuDime sound quality good?

The sound quality on TuDime is excellent. It is one of many great features with the app.

29. How do I install TuDime?

You can install the application from Google Play Store. Find the application on Google PlayStore and install it from there. It will automatically install in the mobile device. This is available there at free of cost.

iPhone version is coming soon.

30. What is eCards?

TuDime eCards is a custom made greetings cards available on TuDime application using which one can make a personalized greeting card and share with one or more users that have TuDime installed on their device.

31. Is sending eCards free on TuDime?

Ye. Sending TuDime eCards are free.

32. TuDime App to App call are free or there are some hidden charges?

It’s completely free.

33. How to re-activate my old TuDime account?

If you have already deleted your account then when you try to again login from that, on verification page TuDime will detect that your account has already deleted. So from there it will take you to the page to enable or activate your account again when you click on “Continue” button. So first enable your account after that you can use TuDime features easily.

You can also restore all your old messages on re-activation by confirming to download the old message option at the re-activation page.

34. How to send request to a person on TuDime Encounters?

There is a HEART Shape icon below image. Click on that and a request will be sent to that person. That request will be shown on INVITATIONS page of that person on Encounters. You can also send maximum of 3 messages to your the person you are interested in to help you make them understand you better and if still that person don’t accept your proposal then it will be a spam and you will no longer share your interest to that person. In case you start getting messages from the other side that will be deemed as you both know each other and then you can keep continuing messages.

35. How to accept friend request of from TuDime encounters?

If someone sends you a friend request then it will show on the INVITATIONS on TuDime Encounters page. There you will get the Accept or reject button. And you can see the person profile by clicking on his name.

36. Is the chat data safe with TuDime?

Yes it’s completely safe. No one can hack your chat data. TuDime chat is end to end encrypted, meaning that TuDime does not store your data in a database. If you want to save your chat, we recommend that you back your chat history up to a third party account, such as Google Cloud.

37. What is End to end encryption in TuDime?

If you want to store your messages with a third party, such as Google Cloud, you can. But your messages will be completely encrypted. Because on Cloud, messages will be store in encrypted format. No one can read your messages from Cloud. That means you data is travelled over the network in encrypted format. This is referred to as “end to end encryption”.

38. How many images I can send on TuDime at a time?

You can send 10 images on TuDime at a time.